welcome to my personal world...!


ok im AVERACTI.. or Renton, funfetti, mother earth's plantasia, ValuableTreasure or many other names . . . im a nonhuman hoarder of lables, names etc, as well as a lot of fictional characters in real life😋 but most importantly i hope to be . . . a good friend !


im into a Lot of stuff, but a few of my main interests are plainview/plainville by Kaz, the elder scrolls series, genetics, speculative biology, worldbuilding, character design and other/fictionkinity.. pv is in bold because it's a huge permafixation of mine, the Big One, nothing can top it, nothing will top it.


i can be very indecisive about how stuff looks, so dont be surprised if u come back to see things changed up a bit (or a lot..) this will happen again in the near future

notes to self

make an art gallery page and [SECRET SECOND THING]

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